MaximEyes 2

MaximEyes is a set of Mind Express activities that engage and motivate the users as they discover eye interaction.
It teaches you how to focus on a single target, to choose between multiple targets, and build up skills in selecting moving objects.
Best of all it's completely free!

Download MaximEyes  (Mind Express v4.4.2 or higher needed)





In Discover just look at the screen and see what’s happening.

Tickle the penguins to make them laugh, grow flowers with your eyes, or look what’s hiding beneath the pile of leaves..
  Create a heat map and show the areas that were focused on.    



One target

Learn and train to keep your gaze focused on one object to trigger the action. Start with easy and intuitive activities and evolve towards more challenging exercises.

Take a picture, shear a sheep, shrink the space monsters, or blow out a candle.



Multiple targets

Multiple targets: choose the right one! The user is able to focus, but now the challenge is to make the right choice. Can you find and recognise the target? Can you remember its position? These activities will further develop and train your eye tracking skills.

Play a game of Rock/Scissors/Paper, play a memory game, clean up your room, ...



Moving targets

Finally become an expert in eye tracking with the Moving targets activities. Hold your concentration and reposition your gaze while a lot is going on and moving on the screen.

Avoid being eaten by the shark, catch the apples and keep the planet safe from the space monsters.



Eye tracking

There are several efficient eye tracking cameras on the market. Selecting the best eye tracking camera for a specific user depends on many factors: lighting conditions, head movements, are glasses or contact lenses worn? One user might prefer one type of camera whilst another user may be better suited to a different camera. This is why Jabbla offers and supports a range of eye tracking camera’s. This modular approach is reflected in our Mind Express software. Use the same software no matter which eye tracking camera you prefer.

We currently support:

* Tellus i5 (Jabbla)
* TM5 mini (EyeTech Digital Systems)
* Tobii Eyetracker Mini (Tobii)
* CAM30NT (Alea Technologies)
* myGaze (Visual Interaction)
* LC Camera (LC Technologies)



Download MaximEyes  (Mind Express v4.4.2 or higher needed)