Mind Express 4 on PC/Tellus/Mobi
If you have internet access on your PC or device, the easiest way to update Mind Express 4 is by going to the menu Help > Check for updates. Follow the instructions to do the update. If you don't have internet access, you can download the update here. Run the update on the device you would like to update and follow the instructions.

Mind Express 4 on Zingui 2
For more information on updating Mind Express on Zingui 2, click here.

Mind Express 4 on Zingui
For more information on updating Mind Express on Zingui, click here.

Mind Express 4 on Smart 3
For more information on updating Mind Express on Smart 3, click here.

Below you will find an overview of the different updates of Mind Express 4. For each update you will also find what's new and what has been changed and improved.

Version 2019-12-20


  • Rare problem in scanning when switching between pages
  • Standby issue for Mobi3 where Mobi3 device would not go to standby mode
  • Vibe: Standby problem fixed: rear camera stopped working after return from standby
  • Eyetracking: better recovery from faulty calibration data file in Tobii eyetracker
Version 2019-07-04


  • 'Export to USB stick for Smart3' in File menu will allow you to export to a usb drive. You can then insert the usb drive in a Smart3 and your Smart3 will automatically import the files of your usb drive. (can be used when direct connection to Smart3 rom your pc fails).


  • Eyetracking: Improved detection for Irisbond
  • Eyetracking: fixed a bug when improving calibration
  • Phone: Improved call support
Version 2019-02-25


  • Added support for Vibe and Hey
  • Eye tracking: added Irisbond camera support
  • Eye tracking: new spanish translations
  • StarNav: added spanish and swedish support
  • Calculator: added additional multiplication operators


  • Bugfix when reading long texts
  • External dwell and zoom would block left click after 'zoomed in' action
  • Fixed problem with symbol distance in Messagebox
  • Translating text sometimes caused a crash
  • Coloring the words while speaking the Messagebox could fail
  • Post-selection timeout on dwell selection now stops dwell until the timeout is done
  • Copy/paste of a page within the same protected document didn't work 
  • Eddy sometimes repeated the last word
  • Email: matching mail addresses is now case insensitive
  • Camera: camera preview will no longer lag in some situations
  • JabblaIR: fix for restoring backups
  • Eye tracking: pressing Escape during calibration of Eyetracking will no longer stop Eyetracking mode
  • Eye tracking: in some specific situations the calibration action could fail
Version 2018-09-19

  • New Acapela children voices available: Merel and Thijs (Dutch) -  Elise and Valentin (French) - Scott (US english) (These voices are not available on Zingui/Smart).
  • New Acapela voice: Claudia (German) is now available (This voice is not available on Zingui/Smart).
  • Added button to the Save window to select a folder more easily.


  • Many changes for screens with high Windows scaling (200% DPI and higher, such as Windows Tablets) - eg small quickedit bar, unusable Media library, ...
  • Sometimes the animations could hang
  • Custom scan word for scan groups is now remembered correctly
  • Beta symbols were drawn incorrectly (white background)
  • Fix for crash when trying to open a document with Bliss symbols while Bliss was not installed
  • If directory for the Media Library was set to a network path (eg \\server), Mind Express would not start correctly
  • Fix for voice stuttering issues on Zingui
  • Fix for side button (Escape) on Smart and Zingui
  • Fix for protected documents on Zingui2 (Activation window was not visible)
  • Fix for 2-switch scanning when only one cell is selectable on the page
  • Fix for importing Boardmaker files
  • Windows control: fix for actions that size Mind Express
  • Windows control: fix for switching the active window on Windows 10
  • Eyetracking: EyeTech: eye markers are now green instead of blue/red
  • Eyetracking: Tobii/Eyetech: improving a calibration point will now give feedback on whether the point is actually improved or not
  • Eyetracking: LC: now able to calibrate starting from the eye tracking selection windows
  • Eyetracking: LC: fix for hiding/showing the eye monitor
Version 2018-05-14
Video-overview of the most important new features in click here


  • Added me4animation to script: allows you to let a cell move in a simple animated way (see https://www.mindexpress.be/index.php?itemID=854 for a sample with accompanying video)
  • Number keys 1 and 2 can be used as switch 1 and 2 during scanning
  • In mouse mode, if you create a cell with ID wp1, wp2, wp3, wp4 or wp5, you can execute the actions of these cells by PRESSING number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5  (or by activating switches connected to a Woodpecker or any other switch interface)
  • In mouse mode, if you create a cell with ID wp1_release, wp2_release, wp3_release, wp4_release or wp5_release, you can execute the actions of these cells by RELEASING number keys 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5  (or by activating switches connected to a Woodpecker or any other switch interface)
  • Widgit symbolset: Added missing symbols
  • Dynamic lists: the Add messagebox to list action now saves the entire message with full layout and all symbols
  • Internet: Internet cell can now be set as non-selectable to avoid clicking/selecting on the Internet window itself
  • Agenda: status cell that can indicate what the current day is in the agenda
  • Agenda: you can now set an image for cells that show a title (e.g. Monday 23 April)


    • Fix: Scangroup does no longer move along when dragging a cell
    • Fix: Windows control: Fix: Maximizing Mind Express in Windows 10 if there was no title bar sometimes went wrong.
    • Fix: Eyetracking: eye monitor in Eyetech could show wrong content
    • Several fixes for scanning
    Version 2018-02-15
    Video-overview of the most important new features in click here

    • Added support for animated gifs. By default, the animated gif is played once when the cell is selected
    • Action: Change cell > Animated gif actions were added. These actions allow an animated gif to be played, stopped or paused.
    • Action: Change cell > Scroll label actions were added. These actions allow you to scroll through a label in a cell if the label is too large for the corresponding cell.
    • Action: Wait > Wait for sound to finish. This action allows you to wait for additional actions to be performed until all speech and sound actions (NOT Music and Video) have been performed. For example, it allows you to perform an animated gif, play a sound, and only go to a next page when the sound has finished playing.
    • Added option when scanning with 2 switches: Automatic first step. This option ensures that scanning always starts by marking the first cell immediately. By turning this option off, you must first press the step switch to highlight the first cell.
    • Added option when scanning with 2 switches: Timing > Post advance time. After stepping with a switch, you cannot step again during the post advance time. This can be used to avoid rapid sequential steps.
    • PCS High Contrast and PCS Thin Line symbols are now available. If you have a valid PCS license, these can be used immediately. These can be downloaded from http://www.mindexpress.be/symbolsets/pcs/hc and http://www.mindexpress.be/symbolsets/pcs/tl
    • Searching for ID of a cell can be done by typing 'id:' in front of the search term in the search window.
    • Eye tracking: Tobii: Mind Express now checks that the camera contains the last Mind Express calibration when improving the calibration. If this is not the case, the user will be informed and can choose to restore the calibration.


      • Fix: If you pause with automatic step scanning now, the first cell will no longer be marked directly. This was a problem with auditory scanning.
      • Fix: If you are working with linear scanning and custom scan groups are used, you can now also specify how many rounds will be stepped into the scan group before returning.
      • Fix: action User > Selection > Pause Scanning did not work in some cases
      • Fix: import of board maker files failed
      • Fix: Highlight while reading: First word was not always colored.
      • Fix: Style: if you set the image scale to 0%, the figure was still drawn at 100%.
      • Fix: different fixes for the transfer to Zingui/Smart
      • Fix: different fixes when backing up user data
      • Fix: Scanning of some special cells went wrong
      • Fix: incorrect images in Agenda-activities
      • Fix: Eye tracking: EyeTech: If blinking was used, the eye tracking could become unresponsive.
      • Fix: Eye tracking: EyeTech: fix for problem with delayed camera images
      Version 2017-12-18
      Video-overview of the most important new features in click here

      Video-overview of the Mind Express web license: click here

      • When you press F2 to go to edit mode and then press F2 again: Mind Express now returns to the selection method used before edit mode
      • Added support for demo periods for protected documents (you need internet access)
      • Added web licence as protection option
      • Added "expand text" arrow for the label in the Full Editor: allows you to edit long labels more easily
      • Added option to Left align, Center or Right align the items in the Message (see Message box field type)
      • Improved writing in Message Box when only text is shown
      • Added option to color the text instead of the background in Document > Preferences > Highlight while reading
      • When making an audio recording on Smart3 and Zingui2, the current document is automatically saved to avoid loss of data
      • When going in and out of edit mode on Smart3 and Zingui2, the current document is automatically saved to avoid loss of data
      • Highlight while reading now also works for Message box > Read Sentence and Message Box > Read word.
      • Added possibility to define your own scan groups (see Scan groups in Rightclick menu in Edit mode). You can specify up to 10 different scan groups. IF there are scangroups on the page, all cells that are not in a scangroup will not be scanned. IF no scangroups are defined, scanning will work as before.
      • Added possibility to add scanword for scan groups
      • File > Backup > Backup user data and Restore user data: allows you to backup and restore all user data
      • Style settings: added new shapes: Speech bubble, Thought bubble, Hexagon, Octogon, Star (12 points)
      • Added "Remote support" button under menu Help > License info. This will launch a Teamviewer session for remote support.
      • Eye tracking: added "Show distance" option for Tobii eye monitor: this option gives the user an idea of his ideal position in relation to the eyetracking camera
      • Internet: Added actions for Zoom in/out
      • Calculator: ? reads back the latest calculations


      • Several fixes for recording in Zingui2
      • Fix: Mind Express sometimes generated a crash when closing
      • Fix: Clear (Message box) could make Mind Express crash when Mind Express was still reading
      • Fix: Battery: support for Mobi3
      • Fix: Internet: an empty browser window was sometimes shown
      • Fix: Music and Video: some MP3 thumbnails were not shown
      • Fix: Phone: reply to SMS  failed in rare cases
      • Fix: Phone: added BTInternet to default server list
      • Several fixes in Eyetracking add-on (Tobii, EyeTech)
      Version 2017-09-27
      Video-overview of the most important new features in click here

      • Document > Preferences > Highlight while reading: will highlight the currently read word in the Message box (not for Zingui/Smart)
      • User > Selection > External zoom: on/off functions added
      • Style settings > New shape 'Folder' added
      • Style settings > Page indicator 'Folder' added
      • Options: Home button added. This will add a button in the menu bar that will jump to a pre-defined Home document.
      • Action Open Document '<Home document>' added. With this action you can open the pre-defined Home document.
      • Protected documents: Support for document activation through the web
      • Internet: fully renewed, based on Google Chrome, now has improved support for many websites
      • Internet > Elements > Renew elements: will renew the list of links on the webpage
      • Internet > Elements > Element down/up/left/right: allows you to navigate links on the web page more efficiently
      • Phone: added option to turn on the microphone automatically while calling on Tellus, Mobi and Smart 3
      • Dynamic lists: added possibility to check/uncheck items from a list so they can be temporarily hidden while displaying the list. Useful for example to release certain vocabulary later, at the user's pace.
      • Eyetracking: support for multiple users (calibration is now saved per user for Tobii, MyGaze and Eyetech)
      • Eyetracking: support for smaller calibration-area for Tobii
      • Fix: double tapping on the screen of Zingui and Smart will now result in two accepted taps instead of one
      • When opening a popup page, the background will be blurred
      • Fix in File > Make copy. Some documents were not copied correctly.
      • Sharper text for high resolution screens (High DPI)
      • Bliss symbols are now drawn in the correct size on high resolution screens
      • Fix: the ampersand character '&' can now be typed in the Message box
      • Fix: images were not exported for global dynamic lists
      • Fix: Setting for auditory scanning through headphones on Tellus and Mobi is now correctly saved
      • Eyetracking: several fixes (ao for calibration, user switching and dwell cursor when dwelling on the desktop)
      • Several small bugfixes
      Version 2017-04-27
      • New style option: Adjust label size to fit cell. This options makes sure that Mind Express will reduce the size of the label if the label wouldn't otherwise fit in the cell.
      • Document > Copy page and Document > Paste page: with these functions you can copy a page from document A to document B while preserving all styles.
      • Add page/Duplicate page: you can now specify where the page needs to be added (at the end of the document or after the current page)
      • File > Make copy: this function will make a copy of the current document AS WELL AS all linked documents. It will put these new files in a user specified folder in the media library. All links between documents will be changed to the new location. Very useful to copy a set of files without changing the original set of files.
      • File > Document links: gives you an overview of where all the links are in the current document OR in all linked documents of the fileset. It will show you where they link to and on what page and cell the link is on. This allows you to search for hidden or forgotten links.
      • New action User > Selection > Auditory scanning on/off
      • Action Open document: added a button to select a document from the media library
      • Paste image: if an image (eg from internet) is pasted into a cell and a name for that image is specified, this name will also be used to fill in label and text action if the cell was empty.
      • Added shortcuts for joystickmode (Ctrl+F5), scanmode (Ctrl+F6) or eye tracking (Ctrl+F7).
      • Added shortcuts for style settings (F9) and Media library (Ctrl+Shift+M)
      • Script: added a search function
      • Action Script: added a button to jump to the correct position in the script
      • Agenda: automatic back-ups of the entire agenda
      • Address book: automatic back-ups of the entire address book
      • Battery: will now also show an image of the battery status in the battery cell
      • Camera: added possibility to choose which camera to use when multiple cameras are available
      • Image Editor: added possibility to rotate an image
      • Music and video: thumbnails are generated automatically for video files
      • E-mail: option Only receive e-mails from people from address book: no more incoming e-mail sound will be played if the incoming e-mail is not from someone in the address book
      • Eye tracking: fix in Tobii calibration when no Tobii camera is found
      • Smart3/Zingui2: if a file was not yet saved when shutting down the device via the menu, the user was asked to save but the changes could get lost anyway
      Version 2017-03-23
      • When setting a style, you can add a margin to the cell. The text and image are placed at the set distance from the edge of the cell.
      • Addressbook > Using the Add message box to recipients action you can enter a text message number or email address in the message box and add it to the list of recipients.
      • Addressbook > By using the Add to Address book action, the message is added to the address book. If you write the name, email address and telephone number on three separate lines in the message box, a contact with this information is placed in the address book using this action.
      • Addressbook > You can delete a contact from the address book using the Delete contact action.
      • Addressbook > The Add sender to list of recipients action adds the sender of the email/text message to the list of recipients. You can use this action to reply to an e-mail/text message.
      • Addressbook > With the Show Data option you can display the details (phone and/or email address) of the contact in the address book cell.
      • Agenda > In a cell of the Agenda type under the Show title option you can now also choose Today.
      • Agenda > You can delete an event from the calendar using the Clear items action.
      • Dynamic lists > You can remove an item from the dynamic list with the Remove from dynamic list action. First select the cell that contains this action, and then select the cell that contains the item you want to remove from the dynamic list.
      • E-mail > You can add a subject to an e-mail.
      • E-mail > You can add a picture as an attachment to an e-mail.
      • E-mail > The Clear selected mail action empties the cells containing the sender, the subject and the body of the email. This comes in handy when switching between Inbox and Sent Items.
      • Environmental control > You can record the device infrared codes while editing a communication grid.
      • Eye tracking > The calibration (only for Tobii) can be further improved afterwards (eg if the calibration does not succeed completely, calibration can be continued on another moment)
      • Eye tracking > You can now make use of animations during calibration if the user has difficulty focusing.
      • Internet > When you add a favorite, the title of the web page will also be saved instead of only the URL.
      • Log > Using the Log message action you can add the entire message to the log file. For example, the supervisor can add additional text and explanations to the message, and then add this to the log file with this action.
      • Music and Video > In Music And Video type cells, the underlying folder structure is now also displayed. These folders can be selected and allow you to browse through your media folders.
      • Music and Video > Thumbnails are now automatically created for mp3 files if an image is available in the mp3.
      • Music and Video > When playing a music file, the song title and the time are displayed in the video cell.
      • Music and Video > You can play music files in a random order with the Start playlist (Shuffle) action.
      • Phone > Text messages can now be displayed as a conversation (like on a smartphone).
      • Slideshow > The Delete picture action allows you to remove the photo that is currently visible in the presentation.
      • Windows control > Mind Express window: The Save position and Load position actions allow you to save the position of the Mind Express window or revert to the saved position.
      • Windows control > Active Window: The Dock and Tile actions now enable you to position the active window in the most logical place using the Smart positioning action.
      • Import in the media library for Print and Player versions
      • Export to Smart/Zingui
      • Templates will now also be exported

      Version 2016-12-20
      • PCS symbols: added 700 new symbols from the Addendum 2012 library
      • Widgit symbols: added Italian
      • Widgit symbols: added 4.000 new symbols
      • Sentence prediction: Mind Express hangup was fixed
      • Fix for document links: some links were lost when documents were moved into a different folder
      • Fix for scanning repeat option when switching between documents
      • E-mail: Fixed crash when no configuration was made
      • Phone: Added more details when there is an error
      Version 2016-11-21
      • Protected documents asked for a new code. This has been fixed with this release
      • E-mail: yahoo server settings have been improved
      • E-mail: sending mail resulted in problems when not all user data was set
      • E-mail: sent items were no longer recorded
      • Eye tracking: Eyetech calibration changes (ao possible to improve 1 calibration point)
      • Eye tracking: calibration with custom images: targets now shrink
      Version 2016-11-08
      • Mind Express Print version support
      • Mind Express Player version support
      • New action: Message box > Store in cell: cancel (makes sure you can cancel a previous Store in cell action)
      • New fieldtype: Chart (to visualize divisions/fractions)
      • Document > Preferences > Layout: you can visualize a communication board in a fixed format (eg Letter). When printing the board, the end result will look the same as on the screen. The color of the empty space around the board can be modified.
      • Tools > Options > Measurement unit: you can now set the measurement unit for your boards (in inch or mm)
      • Dwell memory time has been added. Allows you to temporarily dwell on another cell before you lose the previously dwelled cell.
      • New selection indicator: Border (large x2) for extra large border around cells.
      • Phone: support for Tellus 5
      • Phone: new action: DTMF sound (to press numbers during calls, eg for voicemail)
      • E-mail: new setting for user name
      • E-mail: sounds can be turned off
      • Eyetracking: Tobii calibration changes (ao possible to improve 1 calibration point)
      • Eyetracking: Tobii, Eyetech, MyGaze shrinking points during calibration for better accuracy

      • Symbol prediction now checks the current document first to look for a fitting symbol.
      • Grammar: added new data/improved Dutch and Italian
      • Several images were rotated incorrectly in the Media library
      • Phone: several fixes
      • E-mail: several fixes (ao for Gmail)
      • Eyetracking: improved Tobii reaction time
      • Eyetracking: several fixes
      Version 2016-07-15


      • Ctrl+Shift+I (make selected cells invisible/visible in edit mode)
      • Ctrl+Shift+U (make selected cells unselectable/selectable in edit mode)
      • Scanning: Repeat selection while switch pressed (available when scanning with one switch)
      • Import Boardmaker files
      • New field type: State (to visualize the state of certain functions)
      • New selection indicator (Circle (centre))
      • New dwell indicator (Circle on selection > will display a small circle after the dwelltime)
      • Wait action: allows you to wait a specified time between two actions
      • New scripting functions (timed actions, moving cells, OnSwap event, ...)
      • savemsg.wav can now be added to the installation directory - if present, this will replace the "Store in cell" sound
      • Action User > Save document (this will save the current document)
      • Action User > External zoom
      • Better drawing (anti-aliasing) of symbols
      • Added possibility to select zip files when importing jmm files (some browsers rename jmm automatically to zip files)
      • Added unified Eyetracking user interface (with support for Alea, Edge, Eyetech, MyGaze, Tobii eyetracking systems)
      • Internet: New action: Elements > Read current element (will read the currently selected element, including edit boxes)
      • Dynamic lists: Add to dynamic list (option in rightclick menu) allows you to add existing Mind Express cells to a dynamic list
      • Dynamic lists: Edit dynamic list (option in rightclick menu) allows you to edit a dynamic list directly
      • Logging: functions to create mouse heatmap
      • Mobile phone: new action Custom command (to send custom AT commands to the phone)
      • Windows control: move window a relative distance (% of the screen)


      • Problem with Acapela Arabic voices (and possibly other non European voices) solved
      • Problem with copying images from other applications into Mind Express cells
      • Wrong orientation of image when importing image files (Windows 10)
      • Open file - last chosen folder is saved
      • Symbol fonts (like Wingdings) were not saved correctly
      • If the option Restart scanning was not active, scanning would go up one level instead of staying on the selected field
      • Dynamic page refresh problem
      • Image Editor: images will be less blurry when edited and used in Mind Express
      • Music and video: Fix for forward and backward scrolling through lists
      • Agenda: Read cell now also works for title cell
      • Dynamic lists: improved autoscroll
      • Internet: some keys could not be sent to the internet page
      • Email: don't read http:// when reading mails
      • Mobile phone: SMS memory usage always returned 100% or 99% instead of the actual value
      • Mobile phone: corrected scanning of inbox/outbox cells that did not have read on select
      Version 2015-06-17
      • Erase a cell, except the style, can now be done by using the shortcut Shift+Del when the cell is selected
      • New "Change cell" action added: Execute actions of cell with ID x (allows you to use one cell to select one or more other cells)
      • New option in Search window: Search for document links in the current document (searches for cells that have a link to another document)
      • Tools > Options > Device mode: allows you to change the size of the Mind Express window to the size of a specific device (such as Smart 3 or Zingui). This makes it easier to see what a communication board will look like on the specified device.
      • Styles with exactly the same settings can be merged by using the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+F8
      • In edit mode, a cell will be indicated as 'draggable' and/or 'non selectable' when that's the case
      • In edit mode, the ID of a cell is now shown
      • Online help has been added for Dutch and English
      • If the menu is hidden AND there is a menu password, shortcuts are no longer accepted
      • Added Scripting (NOT for Smart and Zingui). By using scripting, advanced games can be made.
      • New action User > Selection > Freestyle drag. With this action a user can change the position of DRAGGABLE cells freely on a freestyle page.
      • New action User > Save document copy. With this action a user can save a copy of the current document in the same folder as the current document. Can be used to save an exercise that was made by a user and check it later.
      • New action Dynamic lists > Reset all lists. Resets all dynamic lists of the current document back to the start.
      • Agenda: adding an alarm can now also be done by selecting an agenda-cell (Option: Select cell instead of Use begin/end time)
      • SymbolStix: added 10.000 new symbols
      • When pasting an image in a cell, you can now specify a name for that image
      • Mobile phone: New action added: Disconnect


      • Option 'Save dynamic lists status' was not saved correctly
      • The label field in the "edit mode" bar has been enlarged
      • "Message box > Store in cell" action did not work correctly on dynamic pages
      • Adding a row or column could not be undone by using Ctrl+Z
      • Changing the selection type (mouse --> scanning) as a user was not kept when switching to a different document
      • Undo in Message box did not work correctly in some cases
      • Fixed crash when doing multiple redraws of a page
      • When using a WoodPecker, the device would not go to standby
      • Mobile phone: fixed crash when trying to delete a message when no message was selected
      • Mobile phone: removing a message from Sent items did not work yet
      • Mobile phone: Deleting an sms will refresh the sms list
      • E-Mail: fixes for html mails
      • E-mail: bugfix in the E-mail fieldtype in the Edit window
      • Eddy: when Eddy went out of range, "Bad connection" messages were shown very often
      • Calculator: inverting the square root is now possible
      • Internet: fixes for certain sites
      • Logging: bugfix when exporting to a csv file
      • Windows control: fixes for accented characters
      • Agenda: alarms triggered one minute too late
      • Agenda: current date was not updated after long periods of standby
      Version 2014-10-17
      • Added "Copy page image" function under Edit menu. Allows you to make an image of the current page and paste it into a cell or into another application.
      • Added Filter in the Media library. Allows you to search for specific documents.
      • Added "Change view" option in Media library to show a list of files instead of large icons. You can now sort files on date as well.
      • File > Open window changed to use new Media library functions ('filter' and 'change view'). Makes it easier to find specific files or recent files.
      • Added "Save last opened page" option under Document preferences. Allows you to return to the last opened page when you close and re-open Mind Express.
      • Added "Save dynamic list state" option under Document preferences. Allows you to save the state of the dynamic lists. If you close and re-open Mind Express, the dynamic lists will not be reset.
      • When using "Dwell" outside of Mind Express, a visual indicator will show your dwell progress
      • Added User > Print page action
      • Added Messagebox > Read paragraph action
      • Added Change cell action. Allows one cell to change the contents of another cell (label, symbol, visibility, selectability). Very useful for games or communication boards where you want to selectively show content.
      • Replaced 'Page compare' with 'Compare' action. You can now compare individual cells as well. You can put any action under Level2 and Level3 of the Compare cell to do more than 'Go to page'.
      • E-mail / Mobile phone: added an outbox fieldtype so you can now see your sent items
      • E-mail: inbox is now automatically checked for new mails every 10 minutes
      • Dynamic lists: added shuffle-order. Make the cells random but if you press next, you show other cells than before (as opposed to Random order).
      • Agenda: user can now delete items (see Agenda actions)
      • Agenda: user can add an alarm (see Agenda actions)
      • Addressbook: user can now add a new person to the address book (select an e-mail or mobile phone message, type a name in the Messagebox and use the action "Add to address book" to add the mail address or phonenumber to the address book under the name you typed in the Messagebox)
      • Internet: added spacebar in available keys
      • Logging: added csv export option so you can use the log in Microsoft Excel
      • Slideshow: now optionally speaks the filename (without file extension) when you select the slideshow cell. Rename your images in the Medialibrary to the prompt you want to hear when selecting the cell.
      • Windows control: added action to minimize the Mind Express window
      • Fixed bug while scanning with two switches on certain pages
      • Fixed bug while scanning with Pause after selection
      • Fixed bug with auditory scanning when page had only one cell
      • Auditory feedback option in mouse selection was not saved
      • Quick recording fix for specific mouse selection settings
      • Export to Zingui could lock up in some rare cases
      • Personal pronouns were not stored correctly
      • The list of documents under the "Open document" action was not always sorted correctly
      • Dynamic pages were not usable in Joystick or scanning mode
      • Optimized speed of loading dynamic pages
      • Optimized speed while adding to a large Message Box
      • When editing, sometimes pages were not updated correctly
      • Print all pages did not work properly
      • Fixed problem with user settings & switching users
      • Agenda: start & end time can now be put on fixed times
      • E-mail: fixed sending to multiple ppl in adress book
      • E-mail: encoding bugfix (special characters in mail with attachment)
      • E-mail fixed bug in attachment support
      • E-mail: now gives a warning if the e-mail address in the settings is wrong
      • Logging: fixed crash when exporting while logging was off
      • Logging: changed export order
      • Logging: custom log text now gives correct coordinates of the cell
      • Mobile phone: fixed message-leak for Tellus4
      • Slideshow: no longer returns to first slide after page change
      • Zingui fix: Specific selecion settings for a document were not saved correctly
      • Windows control: sending a newline from the Message Box no longer creates a new page in Microsoft Word
      • Bliss editor: renaming a Bliss symbol could lead to a crash
      Version 2013-10-07

      • Translate Symbol, Translate Symbolset and Translate text now also translate content of Dynamic Lists.
      • Support for secured Mind Express documents (these documents require an activation code in order to be used)
      • Added import/export functionality for user data (see File > Import/Export). This allows you to backup user data but it also allows you to copy user data from one PC to another.
      • Added new actions: User > Selection > Start/stop dwelling.

      • Export to Zingui will resize images that are too large
      • Several small bugfixes for printing
      • Bugfix for startup in joystick mode
      • Bugfix auditory scanning when switching between documents
      • Bugfix for the cursor in the Messagebox area
      • Bugfix: doing multiple Cursor: Up actions in one cell did not work
      • Bugfix: loss of specific user data in rare occasions on some devices when going to standby
      • Bugfix for playback of sound files on some PC's
      • Mobile phone: only the first SMS in the inbox list could be selected
      • Bugfix: The text field in the Translate Text window could not hold enough text
      • Bugfix: saving and restoring a message from the Messagebox
      • Internet: cells with links are now also scanned when the option "skip cells with no action" is active
      Version 2013-05-24

      • Dynamic lists: copy a complete list or items from a list (Ctrl+click on Add button)
      • Action: Dynamic lists > Change list: put content of list B in cells of list A (allows you to load different content in a limited number of cells)
      • Action: Log > Delete x items (removes the last x items from the log)
      • Action: Messagebox > Capitalize/Decapitalize previous word (changes the capital letter for the last word in the Messagebox)
      • Action: Messagebox > Join previous words (joins the last two words of the Messagebox)
      • Action: Page compare (Useful for games and excercises. Compares the content of two pages. Go to page X if equal, go to page Y if not equal)
      • Action: User > Selection > Pause scanning
      • Windows control: Windows key can now be set as a sticky key as well
      • Email: support for Attachments
      • Translate symbolset: If translation not found: Hide cell, Remove symbol from cell, Leave cell unchanged
      • Edit > Find > Find Pages: generates a list of pages where the search word has been found
      • Phonetic sounds added for Italian, Dutch (Netherlands), German, Swedish
      • Data button for type Other in action <Text>: allows you to see more text
      • Wave sound files are played back during auditory scanning
      • Quick recording while scanning is now possible


      • Improved Grid2 file import
      • Scanning while loading a new document could cause Mind Express to hang
      • Improved page load time
      • Improved grammar handling
      • Mobile phone: various bugfixes
      • Dynamic lists: improved speed for large amount of lists
      • Fixes for import/export to and from Zingui
      Version 2013-02-06

      • Action: "Message box > Read item" will read the previous item in the Messagebox
      • Option "Match whole word" added to the search function so you can search for the word "art" without finding "artist"
      • Mobile phone: Support for Multi-sms (sending and receiving)

      • Fix for the start page that was sometimes not loaded correctly when starting Mind Express
      • Solved issue that after a while, no more input was received when using Woodpecker or a Joystick
      • Saving a Message from the Message box did not save Bliss symbols correctly
      • Solved issues with custom Bliss symbols
      • Import/Export from/to Zingui was improved
      • Solved crash when copy/pasting cells between documents
      • Auditory scanning did not function properly upon startup
      • Printing Message from Messagebox now scales all images correctly
      • Fix for printing multiple instances of pages
      • Mobile phone: fix for Tellus 4
      • Mobile phone: special characters are better supported
      • Mobile phone: some sms messages were not displayed correctly
      • Zingui: fix for documents with a lot of custom images that did not load correctly
      Version 2012-11-15

      • Edit > Translate > Translate symbol: allows you to change one symbol throughout the complete document (e.g. change the image of 'dad' throughout the document)
      • Edit > Translate > Translate symbolset: allows you to translate (best effort) a document from one symbolset to another (e.g. from PCS to SymbolStix)
      • Edit > Translate > Translate text: allows you to extract all text from the document and make corrections or translate it. This allows you to easily translate your document from English to French.
      • Added + and - buttons for changing timing settings in Scanning and Mouse selection
      • Tools > Options > Always on top : allows Mind Express to start up on top of all other windows
      • Document > Page settings > Delete multiple pages at once
      • Tools > Word prediction > Options > Automatic capital after '.', '?', '!'
      • Shift+Backspace: clears Messagebox
      • Internet add-on: you can surf the internet directly in Mind Express (a lot of actions were added to browse the internet, create and delete favorites, see www.mindexpress.be for samples to use the Internet add-on). Not supported on Zingui.
      • Logging add-on: you can log the user's actions in Mind Express (and have a visual representation of the frequently used cells of a document). Not supported on Zingui.
      • Spanish version
      • Windows control: possible to send the Windows key now
      • Using [...] in a action allows you to add letters in front and at the end of the word before the cursor in the Messagebox. For example: suppose that 'reach' is the word before the cursor in the Messagebox. The action '[...]ing' would change 'reach' in 'reaching'.The action 'b[...]' would change it in 'breach'. And the action 'un[...]able' would yield 'unreachable'.
      • Zingui: Hide menu option

      • Print Messagebox: first word after linewrap was too high
      • Several fixes for printing
      • Crash when in joystick mode
      • Bugfix: when starting up in scan selection and switching to mouse selection, the dwell indicator was incorrect
      • Step1-Step2-Selection scanning improved
      • Copying styles between two documents didn't work correctly
      • Several crashes in media library
      • Symbolstix: corrected double entries
      • Swedish grammar: better handling of infinitives of verbs
      • Macroserver sent a space when user was not allowed
      • E-mail: some e-mails with special characters were displayed incorrectly
      • Zingui: Playing certain wave files caused crash
      • Zingui: Connection between PC and Zingui improved
      • Zingui: solved possible issue with recording sounds (recording ended up in other cells)
      Version 2012-08-31

      • Music and Video: WMA files can be used

      • External dwelling didn't work properly in some cases
      • Improved Zingui import/export
      • Music and Video > Start playlist now works with *.PLS and *.M3U files
      • Document preferences > Save window position didn't save the window position correctly in some cases
      • Symbolstix: fixed several translation errors
      Version 2012-07-16

      • JMM documents are now associated with Mind Express. This means you can doubleclick a JMM file (or open it on the Mind Express 4 community website) and it will be automatically opened in Mind Express.
      • 'Help > Mind Express 4 website' will open the Mind Express 4 community website.

      • Sound/Image setting for some add-ons could cause a crash
      • E-mail popup 'Sending mail' no longer appears
      • Improved rendering of Messagebox
      • Improved saving/opening of Messagebox
      • GEWA com port can be changed again
      • Fixes for several specific import/export bugs
      • Music and Video > Playlist now works in all Media library folders
      • You can now select styles even if the document has more than 100 styles
      Version 2012-06-29

      • 'Fieldtype: Dynamic page' allows you to load a page (grid) into a field. One of the advantages of this new fieldtype is that you can make a static and a dynamic part in your grid.
      • Import of Grid 2 files is now possible
      • Import and export to Zingui (with ME4) is now possible
      • Dynamic lists can be saved locally (in the current document)
      • Option to sort the items of a dynamic list alphabetically
      • Length of 'Text' action is no longer limited
      • Action "Message box > Switch items" to switch the last 2 items in the Message box
      • Action "Message box > Undo" to undo changes in the Message box (with a maximum of 10 changes)
      • When adding a page with "Go to [new page]" (rightclick in edit mode), you can specify the new page name directly
      • All subfolders are shown when selecting a Sound action
      • Action "Go to page 'Go Back'" keeps a history of visited pages so you can go back more than one page now
      • Action "Email > Add content to Message": adds the content of the current e-mail to the Message Box (to reply on a message, or to scroll in the content)
      • Images (from the Media library) in a Slideshow are now also exported
      • (French) actions Grammar > Passé composé and Grammar > Futur proche
      • (Italian) action Grammar > Passato prossimo
      • Option to direct auditory scanning on Mobi 2 and Tellus 4 to the headphones
      • Option "General Volume" in Speech
      • When importing a jmm file, the included document will open automatically
      • Option "Always go back" in Page settings. This option makes sure that every cell on a page will return to the previously opened page automatically
      • Change: transfer licence using the Licence manager is no longer supported (Removing a licence is now possible though)

      • Message box: adding cells with long texts updates the Message box correctly (split over multiple lines)
      • E-mail: sometimes there were underscores in the message subject
      • E-mail: date is now displayed correctly (no extra info)
      • Mouse selection: Select on press now shows the chosen indicator
      • Export to jmm: all images are exported when a cell has multiple images
      • RealSpeak French will load correctly even if Sprint is installed
      • Acapela now works for "Restricted users" as well
      • Action "Print Message" no longer displays a window
      • Saving the Message now saves punctuation marks correctly
      • External dwelling: would incorrectly stop the dwelling in Mind Express when changing the mouse selection settings, resulting in a conflicting Dwell
      • Logging in as a user with a starting document, this document will now *always* open upon choosing this user
      • Removing the licence with Licence Manager can now be done, even if there is no internet connection
      • Image Editor: with some images, not all colors were available
      • Sound volume was set incorrectly in some rare cases
      Version 2012-03-23

      • import/export of Music and Video files from the Media library is now possible
      • action User > Change voice: allows you to change the voice for speech (to make conversations or to make translation exercises)
      • page settings window now allows you to change the position of a page in your document
      • page settings window now allows you to change the properties of different pages at the same time
      • Bliss pen thickness can be adjusted
      • symbolsets can be deactived (Tools > Symbolsets) so they are no longer used/updated
      • extra indicator: Border (large)
      • settings window for printing the Messagebox
      • delete all unused styles in current document (Ctrl+click on Delete in Style settings window)
      • copy action in actionlist (Ctrl+click on Add action button)
      • drag in Scanning mode
      • support for Metacom symbols (paying symbolset, 3600 symbols, only German)
      • options for line distance and symbol distance in Messagebox (also used for printing)
      • rightclick menu in Edit mode: "Go to page X". This jumps to the linked page in a cell.
      • automatic correction of punctuation (., ?, !) after a space
      • Music and Video > Start playlist: with one cell you can play all music/video files from a folder one after the other (press the cell again to skip to the next file)
      • Phone functions: support for multi-sms
      • added 2000 new SymbolStix symbols

      • Phone functions: solved crash with MMS messages
      • Phone functions: better support for special characters in SMS messages (é, è, à, ä, ...)
      • Phone functions: Read on select nows reads correctly depending on cell type
      • Windows control: better support for sticky keys
      • Music and Video: better support for certain media formats
      • Email: solved crash on time-out
      • Email: mailbox is switched upon user switch
      • Email: solved crash when Agenda was disabled
      • Word prediction: improved saving of files to avoid corrupt wordlists
      • Address book: list is now sorted alfabetically
      • Message box > Save message as: this will only save the message if the next selected cell has no actions, or only has Speech or Sound actions
      • copying the Message box cell on the same page didn't work
      • copying a page when a template was used didn't work
      • import ME3 files with custom Bliss symbols was a problem
      • import of Bliss colors
      • faster saving of files with a lot of grammar info
      • Image Editor: wasn't launched correctly on same computers
      • external dwelling caused a hang-up in some situations
      • auditory scanning now also uses the speech dictionaries
      • you can now import more files at the same time in the Media library
      • in some cases, the cursor in the Message box didn't appear
      • row/column scanning: after selection of a row, the scanning didn't always return to the first row
      • deleting read-only files in the Media library didn't work
      • scanning on pop-up pages failed in some cases
      • improved copy/paste between documents
      • correct log-out from NetHasp when exiting Mind Express
      • styles with rounded corners and large border didn't draw properly
      • several fixes in Eyetracker and Headtracker add-ons
      • solved crash when switching from a user with dwell selection to a user with scanning selection
      • solved crash when adding more than 500 symbols to a dynamic list
      Version 2011-12-16

      • Ctrl+F (Find) and F3 (Find again): allows you to search for words/phrases in labels/actions in the entire current document. Useful for checking whether a word is already present in your board.
      • GSM/Mobile phone: signal strength can now be checked using a menu item
      • Windows control: now allows you to send commands (characters, mouse movements, window placements, ...) to another computer over network.
      • Macroserver.exe is now placed on the install DVD: with this setup, you can install the necessary software on a computer to make it reachable for ME4 Window control (see above). You can also use a computer's hostname instead of IP address.
      • New commands under User > Selection: Increase/descrease dwell time; Increase/decrease scan time; External dwelling
      • External dwelling: allows you to click (rightclick, doubleclick and drag) outside of the Mind Express window using dwelling.
      • Mouse Selection > External dwelling jitter margin: allows you to set a margin for jitter while doing external dwelling
      • Pages can now be sorted alphabetically and on number (Page Settings, Go to page menu item, Go to page command)
      • F4: selecting [All symbolsets] and a specific category will now show symbols immediately.
      • Grammar is now being reset when Message is cleared OR when a point, question mark or exclamation mark is added.
      • New command under Open Document: Open previous document. (will jump back to the previously loaded document)
      • New command under Messagebox: Save as 'x' and Open 'x' (allows you to make a cell that will save the message under a specific name immediately)
      • Typing Enter with regular keyboard in MessageBox reads the last sentence
      • Image editor: added horizontal and vertical mirroring
      • Support for StarNav headtracking
      • Mulberry symbolset added

      • Loading a new document using dwelling could crash in some cases
      • Aligning cells in freestyle mode could crash
      • Improved rendering of cells
      • Improved startup speed of Mind Express
      • Dragging cells is now possible when mouse is set to select on press
      • Page redrawing improved (switching between languages could generate page redraw problems) 
      • Fixed usage of Ctrl+M, Ctrl+I and Ctrl+L
      • Fixed problem with autosave timing when switching users
      • Quick recording now sets the document to 'dirty' so you will be prompted to save when closing Mind Express
      • Prediction fields are now scanned (even if option Skip cells without action is active)
      • Fix for touch screens (Tellus4 and Mobi2): acceptance time was a problem on Windows 7 machines
      • Fixes in scanning with timed stepping (ao activating the switch two times in a row now works correctly)
      • User interface fixes
      • Updates and fixes while editing Bliss symbols
      • RealSpeak Solo dictionary fix (some phonetic transcriptions would generate wrong results)
      • Acapela dictionary fixes (phonetic option is now usable + crash fix in specific cases)
      • GSM/Mobile phone: reply on SMS with sender starting with a '+' instead of '00' failed
      • GSM/Mobile phone: Tellus4: fixed bug during init at startup
      • GSM/Mobile phone: improved calling and hanging up (no error if there already is a connection)
      • Windows control: typing some special characters failed
      • BLS conversion: mp3 commands from ME3 converted to correct MP3 commands in ME4
      • BLS conversion: large images are automatically rescaled (except for background images) when imported
      • BLS conversion: actions that loaded documents on a specific page are now correctly converted
      • BLS conversion: some PCS (black/white) symbols and user-created BLISS symbols were not converted correctly
      • BLS conversion: grammar: adjective info was not imported